Buhi by urbinator17-d6igqk1

Buhi is an unreleased Pokémon from the age of Capsule Monsters. It was likely created as an example of the games' mechanics. Its typing is currently unknown.

Not much information is known about it, but it was listed as being Pokémon #124, which officially is occupied by Jynx. This number is also shared with Caterpie as its index number.

It was featured in a Game Freak book showing the origins of Pokémon, in around 1990, when the project was called Capsule Monsters. In this book we see Buhi along with other unreleased and early designs such as Papyo, Godzillante, Gorillaimo, Dragon4 and a unknown round Pokémon.


Buhi seems to be a small cat type of creature. It lacks legs and feet. It does have a tail and sports short fingerless, pawless arms. It has a round body.

It seems to take its basis on a feline, and has a rather similar appearance to several cat Pokémon.

Its face features a solid, triangular nose and eyes, the latter of which has slit pupils as a real cat does, and a mouth which connects to the nose and appears to be frowning.

Fan speculationEdit

Fans do not speculate too much on this creature, possibly because of the lack of information to form an opinion.

However, based on its looks, Buhi might be a Normal-type, as are most cat-based Pokémon. A less likely idea is that it is a Ghost-type Pokémon, based on how it lacks of feet, it could be easily adapted to a common cartoon-like ghost with just a body and tail, and being able to float.

It seems unlikely that Buhi was redesigned to become an official Pokémon, but it could have later become Meowth, a Pokémon which shows some resemblance to it. In addition, its facial features seem most similar to Purrloin, a generation five Pokémon.

It is also worth noting that "buhi" is the onomatopoeia for pigs, or the equivalent to "oink" in the Japanese language.