Dragon4 was the name of a Lost Pokémon, back when the series was still called Capumon. Its only appearance is a paper illustration by Pokemon creator Satoshi Tajiri during the game's early development, showcasing how the Summary menu would appear in-game. It is paired with several statistics as examples of the screen's display.

Appearance Edit

Dragon4 is likely an early or simplified version of Charizard, with the only differences being Charizard's larger wings, the flame on its tail and the defined details of its torso.

Fan Speculation / Trivia Edit

  • In the artwork it appears in, Dragon4's Pokedex number is #174, which is the number of existing Pokemon Igglybuff.
  • Its high Pokedex number may indicate that Charizard was not initially planned to be the evolution of a starter Pokemon, and instead was meant to be found in the wild.