Godzillante is an unreleased Pokémon that was just created as an example of the games' mechanics, showing the Pokémon battle system. Its typing is currently unknown.

The only known information about this monster is its name.

It was featured in a Game Freak book showing the origins of Pokémon, back in the day when the project was called Capsule Monsters and in that book we can see Buhi along with other unreleased and early designs such as Papyo, Gorillaimo, Rhydon, Geodude, Gengar, Nidorino, Dragon4 and an unknown round Pokémon.


Godzillante might be a medium sized to big dinosaur or dragon-like monster, it is seen standing on its hind legs, it has small arms, a big tail and a defined belly. It can be seen performing a Fire or similar attack.

It seems to be based in Godzilla.

Its face contains a big mouth with teeth, big eyes and a spike on the top of its head.

It has an odd resemblance to Tyranitar.

Fan speculationEdit

Even if there is not enough information available on Godzillante, fans have found some similarities with this Pokémon and some fake toys seen on the Pocket Monsters Manga. Some fans also seem to compare it to the Substitute sprite. Some others believe this could've been an early design for Tyranitar (however, it should be noted that Tyranitar is a Generation 2 Pokemon).

Based merely on its looks, Godzillante might have been a Fire type, or even a Dragon type.

In the image where it is shown, its battling Gorillaimo which makes us believe it was meant to be a gimmick fight representing two colossal well known in culture monsters, Godzilla and King Kong.