Peritop by urbinator17-d4q2jr2
Peritop is a top-like Lost Pokemon.

It's real name is currently unknown, but it's most used nickname is Peritop not to cause confusion.


Peritop is a small pink or flesh-colored creature, it seems to have six feet all joined with a blue section around its waist. The most prominent feature on this Pokémon is a point at its bottom that works to keep Peritop's balance.

It is based on a living top.

Its face has small black eyes, mouth, catlike ears and a round protuberance on the top of its head. It almost looks like a combination of Clefable and Hitmontop.

Fan SpeculationEdit

Fans seem to have different points of view about this Pokémon, some of them finding a striking similarity with Hitmontop, stating this design could have been an early design that makers had wanting to include a top based Pokémon, but later ended up adapting to the Tyrogue line, radically altering the monster's look.

Some other fans state it shares some similarities with the Cleffa line, and maybe this similarity was the reason designers found to change Peritop's appearance. The simplicity of this design suggests it could have been a Normal type Pokémon with a Fighting or Flying secondary type.

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