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Here you will find a compilation of information that was gathered from a lot of different sources, and fan based opinions and theories regarding The Lost Pokémon.


Information about the so-called Beta Pokémon can be found since the franchise's beginnings, since all games, movies, cartoons or designs have at some point early ideas that either are saved or reworked for future projects, or scrapped.

Pokémon is not the exception, with a lot of material that was made on the Capsule Monsters era, and of course a new Generation coming out every 4 years or so; creating a lot of new creatures and as a result, a lot of unused designs.

Unfortunately, we rarely get a glimpse of that art or information, but some of it has been shown to us by really old publishings, internet archives, or even exhibitions.

Here you will have all the information released, compiled as individual articles with all the information available, and fan theories and opinions, because we can not have a certain point of view about something unreleased, and all we can do is speculate about the material we do have.

Be free to express yourself and let us know your own points of view and spread the word, other Pokémon fans might find this really interesting.

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